Mediation Fee Schedule

Standard Cases:

Mr. Kaplan conducts in person, video-conferenced and telephonic mediation sessions.

Half day mediation sessions will be charged at $2,000 for four hours of mediation time with one additional complimentary hour provided for reviewing mediation briefs. Parties will be billed a minimum of four hours for a reservation for a half day mediation session in the Los Angeles area. Half day mediation sessions are not available outside of the Los Angeles area. If parties want to extend a half day mediation session beyond 4 hours, Mr. Kaplan will discuss the additional compensation to Mr. Kaplan with the parties.

Full day mediation sessions will be charged at $4,000 for eight hours of mediation time with two additional complimentary hours provided for reviewing mediation briefs. A minimum of eight hours will be billed for a reservation for a full day mediation session.

Mr. Kaplan charges $500 per hour for all additional mediation services provided, including, but not limited to, reviewing large submissions of mediation briefs and documents, telephonic and email communication with the parties, their attorneys and other representatives.

Multi-Party Cases:

For cases involving four or more parties, Mr. Kaplan charges $2,500 for half-day mediation sessions and $5,000 for full day mediation sessions. Mr. Kaplan charges $500 per hour for each hour more than the reserved time. Mr. Kaplan charges an administrative fee of $150 per party for all mediation sessions involving four or more parties.

Division of Fees:

Counsel and/or parties will be billed according to the agreed upon billing arrangement between the parties. However, Mr. Kaplan reserves the right to modify the parties agreed upon billing arrangement depending on the nature of the activity being billed and the participation/non-participation of the parties. All counsel and/or parties participating in a mediation session expressly agree to pay all fees and costs invoiced and the mediator fees and costs are separately the responsibility of each counsel and/or party.

Payment — Cancellation Policy:

All case administrative and mediation fees are due in full immediately upon invoiced by Jeffrey Kaplan Mediation Services. Failure to pay in full at least fourteen days prior to a half day mediation session and at least 30 days prior to a full day mediation session may result in the forfeiture of the reserved mediation date. Full refunds will be provided for all cancellations made at least twenty-one days prior to the reserved mediation date. If a mediation session is canceled less than twenty-one days prior to a reserved mediation date, counsel and/or the parties will be billed for the reserved mediator time unless the canceled time is rebooked.

Travel Costs:

Mr. Kaplan is available for mediation sessions outside of the Southern California area. Mr. Kaplan charges for half of his travel time to arrive at the mediation site plus his actual costs of any tolls, airfare, parking, meals and facility charges that are incurred by Mr. Kaplan to conduct the out of area mediation session.